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Decorative Rock

An assortment of many beautiful colors in a variety of standard or custom sizes which can be used alone or in combination to add creative highlights and contrast to any landscape project. Composed primarily of granite, basalt, schist, or rhyolite these products are durable and meet the needs of a diverse customer base looking for an environmentally friendly way to add aesthetic value. Many of our products have been on the job since the 1980's and have stood the test of time. The reserve supply of these materials are substantial so you can be confident in their availability for many years to come.

Rock Products

Construction Aggregates

The materials from our rock quarries are made available by drilling and blasting hard rock which make them much more desirable and easier to work with than materials from river beds. Composed primarily of granite, basalt or rhyolite these products have met difficult specifications required by state, county, army corps of engineers, airports and railroads to name a few. As needed, materials are tested for job specific requirements by a professional certified laboratory which is not affiliated with Kilauea Crushers incorporated.

Construction Aggregate Products

Customer Service

Our experience and determination is what can make the difference.

During the architectural design, planning and bidding phases you can count on our assistance as needed. We may have a standard product that will suite your needs but we also have the "know how" to develop custom materials often at an economical price per ton.

Our customer service department is made up of people who really do care about each order, large or small. Once the material is selected they work to streamline the order taking and production scheduling process. Our efficient production facilities are capable of handling the largest orders and completing them on time. Monitoring for quality and specification analysis is ongoing to assure high standards are met. At our plants loading trucks and weighing of your material is quick and efficient because we understand the high cost of transporting materials and want to do our best to keep your wheels rolling.

Rock And Aggregate Services