About Us

Family-owned. Expertly operated.

Kilauea Crushers was founded in 1982 in Glendale, Arizona, by Bill and Marcie Nichols. Since then, the company has become an industry leader and premier supplier of landscape and construction aggregates for projects of any size.

Customer service that’s not the same old drill.

We provide a reliable long-term source of mineral resources and boast large reserves at multiple locations, including our Picacho Plant, Estrella Plant and The Ridge Plant. While our quality products are the foundation of our business, our experienced personnel and efficient production facilities add another layer of excellence that maximizes the success and profitability of any project.

Kilauea Crusher worksite

In the architectural design, planning or bidding phase?

You can count on Kilauea Crushers to help you every step of the way to ensure your project is handled on time and on budget. We may have a standard product that will suit your needs. But we also have the know-how to develop custom materials — often at an economical price per ton.


After your material is selected, we streamline the process from order-taking to production scheduling. No matter how large the order, our efficient production facilities can handle it. What’s more, we monitor for quality and specification analysis along the way to ensure high standards are met.

At Kilauea, we understand the high cost of transporting materials and do our best to keep your wheels rolling. That’s why our plants are quick and efficient at loading your trucks and weighing your material — and keeping projects running smoothly.

Loader moving dirt